Bluffer’s Park: The Sound of Silence

We were getting to the last leg of our city tour. Bluffer’s Park, Paul said, is a “Quiet Refuge in the City”.

In the first bend is the boating deck. We passed by Bluffer’s Restaurant, which Paul comments is the only place you can buy food before going to the beach. “Because,” Paul further explained as he stopped the car, “The beach is almost an untouched land.”

Thumps went down the wooden stairs as we step into the deck. The yachts look like a flock of metallic white seagulls sitting on the water. We lingered in the deck, admiring them while feeding ducks, pigeons and birds.

But when Paul drove us to the beach did I finally understood why he called Bluffer’s Park a quiet refuge.

The limo parked near the beach for free. Paul explained that parking is free of charge until 5pm. Julienne and I set out into the pebbly sand. The water, as I recall, is comparably bluer than that in Sunnyside Beach. We stare transfixed at the waves that are mere ripples coming to the shore. The water is so clear; we can see the convoluted lines. Shapeless clumps of seaweed float here and there.

I lifted my foot ready to splash my ankles in the water before I stop. The wrinkles in the sand are perfectly unmarred –free of any footprint. I remember what Paul said about the land being almost untouched. Stepping back respectfully, I kept my distance from the water.

Bluffs stood proudly behind us, sheltering the land from most of the wind. Perhaps that and the direction of the wind is what cause the sound of silence. Everything is quiet save for a cawing of a lonely seagull. It sounds like we were so far away from the city.

“Pity we didn’t simply eat lunch here. This would have been something,” Julienne said.

I didn’t say anything and simply held Julienne’s hand, we walked down the beach.

Now, I’m not the most romantic guy in the world and Julienne knows that. But there was something about that silence, that moment of peace that broke away from the tangled-together lives of civilization. Simply put, we just saw us. Silence can be good.

We saw a trail leading up the hill and followed it. The wind got stronger as we go higher. Tall grass brushes our side and wild flowers wave at us from the bushes. The sun poured yellow warmth on everything but the wind kept us cool. We kept on walking with the silent expectation of a great reward: a better view. I gave Julienne my jacket just in case.

We stop on a levelled land when we can go no longer.

“I feel like we’re on top of the world,” she said with amusement. She’s right of course. We could almost see everything. We even managed to be higher than some of the bluffs.

I feel ourselves breathing deeply at the rushing winds that kept whipping her hair away from her face. Could summer breeze and coastal wind taste better? I just know it does.

 After that, we walked back to the beach. For some reason, the silence made us more whole than before. Even though we hardly said anything, the time we spent said volumes already.

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