Sunnyside Beach: To All the Fine Young Men in There

We were getting hungry by then. Paul had already eaten while we were in Bata Shoe Museum. Having already planned the tour, Julienne and I have bought food from Bellevue to eat in Sunnyside Beach. We put on our more appropriate summer clothes by changing in the limo.

I made comment that I knew I’d regret. “Taking off our clothes inside the limo –we’re just as bad as those punks TMZ loves to chase.”

Julienne threw me her balled-up clothes to shut me up.

A beach is just as good as any beach when you’re already in one. I can already feel myself unwind by salty breeze ruffling our clothes by the time we chose a spot. Whoever was the guy who posted in the internet to use a bed sheet with garter corners as beach towels is a genius. By propping up the bed sheet upside down and using wire stands to erect the corners, the bed sheet keeps away the sand.

Put me in a beach with a beer in my hand and I’m happy –simple pleasures in life. Julienne, in the other hand, had totally fallen for dumplings. She went into this restaurant and went gaga over meat, cheese and herbs wrapped in dough. She bought fried ones, boiled ones, steamed ones. They’re good but not that much of a big deal for me.

“Just because you can’t tell freshly cooked from midnight leftovers,” she told me, raising haughtily, “Doesn’t mean no one can.”

We deliberately went to sandy shores because of how thin our slippers are –pebbles would have been a nuisance. The waves lap lightly on the shores, inviting me to wade. Julienne told me to wade with my slippers because there might be jellyfish.

“But I don’t think you need to worry, your urine is your first aid.”

I asked if she wanted to come with me but she’d stay on the sand for a while. The sun was beating down my back and my eyes focused to get used to the intensity. The waves call me again and I step on the cool waters. It was a nice feeling as my body accommodates from sun-baked hot to water-chilling cold, finding a balance in between as I slowly wade deeper to the waters.

But by the time I get waist-deep, I was finally having a problem.

Have you ever tried wading in the sea with slippers on? It’s hard. Every time I’d take a step, the rush of the waves would try to carry it off in its currents. I finally gave up when I saw something colourful and slithering between the rocks: a sea snake.

Now I do know you have to pee on yourself when you got stung by a jellyfish. But I’d rather not find out if it applies with sea snakes too.

Julienne looked up when she saw me walking back to our spot. We sat together side by side and it was that moment that I wish I can share how great is that other simple pleasure: the moment of just being together.

It’s so simple yet profound that I can’t even tell it right to fine young men to settle down with a nice girl. But good luck with that boys, they won’t be as good as what I got here.

“Tim, how come you write some of our conversations and sometimes not?”

And there goes the moment chased away by my muse.

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