Yonge Street

Feeling a bit worn in the edges but refreshed by the crisp, clean air of Bluffer’s, Paul drove us back to our hotel to change. Since the drive now is longer, we entertained ourselves for a while making ourselves drinks and watching a movie. We did have fun playing with the strobe lights till our eyes hurt. Julienne was laughing so hard, she couldn’t touch her drink for a while.

Paul waited for us as we get ready for our dinner reservation in La Vecchia. Julienne didn’t know where we’re going. I found it in the internet and I wanted to surprise her.

We drove down Yonge Street, the city glowing with activity and flashing signs. Finally we arrived at the Italian restaurant –a smooth-looking place with its own rustic charm.

I smiled a little when I saw her eyes widen with approval when we got inside. Sepia photos –wood framed and hanged adorned the stone walls. Velvety, wine red curtains sections our reservation from the rest. Candles and lamps bathe everything with a soft light.

It was a bit noisy but it was kind of expected. Italians are very expressive people in my experience –somewhat up in volume with wide gesturing hands.

We tried appetizers first. I can never get the names right but I tried something that the menu described as sautéed mussels in roasted garlic tomato broth. Maybe I should have written it down on a paper along with my name. Because when I tasted it, I forgot everything else. Julienne tried a salad of baby spinach and mushrooms flavoured with some time of vinegar and topped with goat cheese.

Our dinner arrived shortly; julienne tried Pollo Savoia –chicken breast oven baked with red pepper, onion and mushroom wine sauce. I slowly took my time with the Costata Di Vitello, veal chop cooked in porcini mushroom red wine with mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side. We couldn’t resist pizza either and ordered the Pizza Vegetariana –a name that says it all with a tang of goat cheese.

And thus ends our City Tour in Toronto Canada. It has been quite helpful booking a limo online beforehand. The chauffeur had also been an excellent guide and made sure our tour was enjoyable. Casa Loma has been a nostalgic Hollywood experience. The people have certainly had their way on preserving its classic charm.

Bata Shoe Museum had been interesting. It was certainly stimulating to learn culture in a new way –as well as poke fun with shoes.

Bellevue had been fantastic and I wished we took the time to shop there. Sunnyside Beach was peaceful and it really made us catch up with each other. Bluffer’s Park has been something else. It was truly a getaway attraction that seems to transport you into a natural preserve while being in the city. Yonge Street too was also a very classy street. We truly enjoyed our stay in the Italian Restaurant and it never failed in putting up a romantic ambience.

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